Working on the oceans is something that we at HBA are grateful for. Our vision is to be a sustainable solutions provider for the global energy sector, and we recognise our role in driving the positive change we want to see.

We remain steadfast in safeguarding the environment by ensuring compliance with all relevant local and global environmental laws and regulations. These include regulations and guidelines from the International Maritime Organization, Flag State, Classification Society, Coastal State, International Marine Contractors Association, Common Marine Inspection Document standards, OCIMF, Offshore Vessel Management and Self-Assessment and Offshore Vessel Inspection Database standards.

HBA also takes a proactive stance to enhance sustainability standards across our operations. Various initiatives have been developed to continually invest in vessels and technologies that are cleaner, safer, greener, and more efficient.

Our sustainability journey includes the following corporate activities:

Clean Energy technology innovations

We have a cross-disciplinary research and development team at the forefront of new technologies, including LNG-fuelled and battery-powered vessels.

Reducing single use plastic

To reduce the use of plastic drinking bottles onboard our ships, we have fitted our vessels in our fleet with high-quality water filters complete with water quality test kits. Each crew member is provided with reusable water bottles. As a result, our consumption of bottled water has been reduced by approximately 500,000 (1 litre) bottles since 2018. We target to eliminate single-use water bottles on board by 2024 and achieve a 10% reduction in general single-use plastics year on year.

Waste Management Practice

We ensure that waste is properly collected, treated and disposed of across our business, and conduct shipbuilding and ship repair works on environmentally compliant facilities.

Energy saving initiatives

We are focused on reducing our emissions through a range of energy-saving initiatives and engine optimisation and operational efficiency trials on our vessels to minimise fuel consumption

Offshore wind solutions

We provide a comprehensive suite of services that help our clients optimise their offshore wind operations and maintenance.

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